Dust2 Smoke Grenade Spots

Dust2 Smoke Grenade Spots

One-way smoking is a kind of smoke that allows you to see your opponent’s edge even though he’s unable to notice you or even notice you at all.

Based on this definition the advantage you’ll gain against your adversaries is clear: you see him and he doesn’t which is a great situation for a quick kill.

To implement this CS:GO trick, one of these two requirements have to be met?

The smoke thrown must be reflected on the surface or ledge over the ground in front of your opponent. You’ll be in a position to look at his legs even though your view of him is restricted.

You must be in the vicinity of the smoke near the edge, and your opponent is some distance. Because of the differences in the smokescreen’s display for the opponent and you in this situation it is unlikely that you will be visible to your adversary, whereas you’ll be able to clearly see him.

Each map comes with its unique spot where the execution of one of these scenarios is feasible. We’ve have found these for you. Below is DreamTeam’s top five most efficient and simple single-way smoking options using Dust2. Let’s go!

CT Crossing Smoke

A tougher smoke to use because it requires quite a degree of precision. For this particular smoke, you only need to learn.

Begin by going to Along and then look on the top of the building. You will see an oblique golden tooth. Try to aim just over the golden tooth, you are at the opposite end, near the corner. From there, perform an unintentional run, then throw the smoke slightly before going full speed. It’s impossible to get it right and, to master this skill, you’ll require time.

A Long Defense

In the event that the Ts lie within the pit, you can keep them there and take one or two flints using the next easy one-way smoke.

In order to throw the ball correctly follow these steps:

Stand in the corner, between the wall and the seed bags.

– move your cursor slightly further to the right of the farthest left-hand corner in the box.

Throw an SG using LMB

Mid to B Smoke

The most effective method to utilize the smoke to instantly go for the B site following smoking, making sure you have cut from any counter-terrorists who are waiting at the spawn. The Mid-to-B smoke is without doubt one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

In the beginning, sit up straight against the XBOX’s pallet. Then, you can make a throw using smoke toward the door, and you’ll get the an ideal mid. While you’re smoking the middle, there could be a sniper at the spawn boxes, or at the elevator’s location in A, to help you get down.

Window Smoke

The window smoke is a good method to block the view of the B-site and make it simpler to defend after the bomb is planted. There are many methods to accomplish this. One way is to use the smoke method by taking the tunnels that are higher up.

Access B and climb up the haystack’s ledge on the right side of the tunnel’s upper exiting to B. Take a look at the B window and place your crosshair over the two balconies, then let out the smoke. It is essential to stand in order for this to be effective.

Catwalk Attack

This smoke can be used to play solo or as part of the A-site’s execution.

This will be able to show CTs catwalk’s view from goose, a ramp, and a cross and you’ll be in a position to view the Cross through a small space.

To correctly throw the smoke To throw the smoke correctly, follow these steps:

Press against at the midpoint of the rail doors

Turn around

Set your focus on the wall crack above the dark window

Throw an SG using LMB

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